I always finding myself approaching life through design. So, I decided to start a journal where I can have my musings, work and rambles in one place.

Previously, I was a “Home Goods Expert” at Operator, where I would curate weekly collections of objects that inspire me and wanted people to purchase. During that time I was finishing up my degree in graphic design and didn’t realize how much that time would impact me. Little did I know that people actually trusted my opinion. Now I am working full time as a designer at boutique branding agency, Farm Design, where I touch projects that I only dreamed of when I decided I wanted to enter the design field my freshman year of high school. I am constantly learning from the amazing group I am lucky to work with everyday, the people in the design industry I get the privilege to meet and collaborate with. But I do miss the personal pleasure of curating my musings to share with the world. I hope I can do that here.

Stay tuned.

RIP Operator — The only screenshot of a collection I made

RIP Operator — The only screenshot of a collection I made

Melina Sweet