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Better Booch

“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” –Albert Einstein
The founders of Better Booch made it a point to that they hoped for this quote to be the perfect embodiment of their brand and products. Having this quote as a foundation, we knew that this was a unique opportunity to establish a simple and clean aesthetic for the Better Booch brand. Founded by Trey & Ashleigh Lockerbie, Better Booch is a Los Angeles-based premium small batch kombucha brand that prides in the healthy attributes of their brews and their balanced flavor profiles.

In 2018 with their eyes set to become a national brand, Trey & Ashleigh reached out to Farm for a brand and packaging refresh. Through extensive research and strategy, I developed a complete branding and packaging system. Inspired by the simple ingredients they use for their brews, the packaging takes on a minimal look with quirky yet approachable illustrations and logo. The design has elevated the brand’s presence on the shelf and in the world of beverage, boosting them to become a major player in the kombucha market space. As the lead for this account, I developed the branding and packaging from start to finish. As well as, expanded the Better Booch branding onto web platforms (wip), expo booth and marketing collateral.





Better Booch came to us set to become an authority in the kombucha space, even though their brews taste amazing, their branding and packaging was lacking characteristics that stood out on the shelf, helped attract new consumers and create a long lasting tribe of booch drinkers.

The new Better Booch logo was created to evoke a “Yin Yang” look and feel to reinforce their mission to create a balanced flavor profile and live a holistic lifestyle. This also eluded to Trey & Ashleigh’s reflective practices of meditation and living life with intention. The choice of typeface and logo mark was to bring the SoCal essence to the front of the can without screaming that this is a LA made beverage. A simple nod was all it needed for the new minimal yet sophisticated packaging.



Having such a minimal design, it was important to create more visual interest as you experience the packaging. Each Better Booch flavor features a unique illustration on the back of the product that embodies the brand essence and creates a fun surprise factor for the consumer. This little piece of visual narrative transports them to Southern California no matter where they are.

We collaborated with Chris DeLorenzo to create custom whimsical illustrations for every flavor. His simple illustrations add an extra facet to the packaging creating a rich narrative through his cheeky illustration style.





I assisted art directing a lifestyle and product campaign that will be used for the Better Booch website and social media platforms. I curated inspiration images that helped guide the shot list for the photoshoot, which in the end created a whimsical and colorful environment with a focus on the product. Each composition encapsulates the ingredients used to create this delicious kombucha.





With goals to debut the new branding & packaging at the Natural Products Expo West 2019, the Better Booch brand was extended into a physical experience. I designed, managed and assisted crafting the booth (vinyl and paint by yours truly), along with creating marketing materials and swag items for the event.

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