Window Bar at The Rowan

The Rowan Hotel in Palm Springs places a fresh perspective of a desert oasis. Just steps from the San Jacinto Mountains, Window Bar welcomes you with a view that seamless blends the rugged desert beauty with a high style sleek interior ambiance. In creating this unique desert destination, When I started working at Farm Design, the Bar’s name and moodboard had been established. I expanded the brand into collateral items such as the bar book, food menu and check presenter.


Client: Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants
Studio: Farm Design
Role: Collateral Design, Vendor & Print Management
Creative Director: Aaron Atchison
Logo: Carol Reyes

Inspired by the expansive bookshelves in the hotel’s living room, which is home to Window Bar. The collateral is a nostalgic nod to old school libraries.
Window Bar_Row4_B.jpg
The drink menu looks like a hardcover book, each beverage category is a new chapter and the food menu resembles a library check out card.