— The Moonlight

Problem: Austin is a popular designation, but lacks high-quality, affordable options for accommodation. There are only a few small hostels, but they are not talked about among visitors or locals due to their lack of branding and popularity.

Solution: Created a brand and atmosphere that is modern and reflects back on Austin’s history. With the popularity and beauty of European hostels, Moonlight intends to be a go-to for all visitors looking for an affordable place to stay.

Identity: The name Moonlight references back to the use of moonlight towers (also known as moontowers) to illuminate areas at night. Austin is the only city in the world that is known for still having these towers. In 1894, the towers became a recognized Texas State Landmark.

Apart from providing rooms to stay, a cafe called "The Mini Bar" and a living space, The Moonlight also utilizes a quarter of the building for music at night or pop-up shops during the day. 

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