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Common Cause

Voting Rights Act



You have better odds...




Received a Bronze Student Addy at the Austin Addy Awards and
selected for the Juried Show at Oso Bay Biennial XIX


Brief: Out of 197,056,035 votes cast in 2 federal elections under President George W. Bush, the rate of voter fraud was a minuscule 0.00000132 percent! Common Cause is working to restore the Voting Rights Act law and block new barriers to registration and voting, fighting state-by-state against voter ID requirements that effectively deny voting rights to students, minorities, the elderly and the disabled. 

Solution: Odds is a 30-second ad spot for Common Cause that aims to educate Americans about voter fraud, comparing it to the crazy stuff that is more likely to happen.


Group Partners: Ashely Tann, Bria Crain and Brooke Garner
Role: Illustration, Motion graphics (3/8 scenes)