Better Booch

“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” –Albert Einstein
Our client made it a point to that they hoped for this quote to be the perfect embodiment of their brand and products. Having this quote as a foundation, we knew that this was a unique opportunity to establish a simple and clean aesthetic for the Better Booch brand. Founded by Trey & Ashleigh Lockerbie, Better Booch is a Los Angeles-based premium small batch kombucha brand that is taking the kombucha space by storm. In 2018 with their eyes set to become a national brand, Trey & Ashleigh reached out to Farm Design for a brand and packaging refresh. Through research and strategy, we developed a complete branding system. Inspired by the simple ingredients they use for their brews, the packaging takes on a minimal look with an approachable and quirky logo. As the lead for this account, I crafted the branding, packaging and prepared files for production. As well as, expanded the Better Booch branding onto web platforms, expo booth and marketing collateral.


Role: Lead Designer

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Print Production
Website (WIP)
Photography Art Direction
Expo Booth
Project Management

Studio: Farm Design
Creative Director: Aaron Atchison
Illustrations: Chris DeLorenzo



Minimalism meets pop. A straightforward sans-serif with exaggerated proportions, referencing the movement of a razor. Color brings the logomark to life, with 90's nostalgia reimagined for a new audience.



Bold meets minimal — with daring pops of color.



Having such a minimal design, it was important to create more visual interest as you experience the packaging. Each Better Booch flavor features a different illustration on the back of the bottle that embodies the brand essence and creates a fun surprise factor for the consumer.

With a goal set to keep the original packaging essence, we collaborated with Chris DeLorenzo to create custom whimsical illustrations for each flavor. His simple yet witty illustrations adds an extra facet to the packaging creating a rich narrative through his cheeky illustration style.


Brand Aesthetic

Bold meets minimal — with daring pops of color.


Art Direction

I assisted art directing a lifestyle and product campaign that would be used for the Better Booch website — whimsical, colorful and with a focus on the product. Taking inspiration from the everyday routine, poses and movements played up morning warm-ups, with half-dressed bathroom bffs taking the lead. Product was shot amongst textures reminiscent of bathroom surfaces, with bright, morning lighting and pops of the brand palette bought in through propping.



Full e-commerce website, built on Shopify ReCharge. Brand elements are weaved together with video integration throughout, for a rich content experience. The site is dotted with unexpected details such as colored letter-by-letter text input fields, custom iconography and surprise hover states.



In addition to the packaging design, we were tasked to design and manage production for their Natural Products Expo West booth. Along with marketing materials and swag items like stickers and buttons.

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